Neighbours Spoilers: Susan Found Out about Rebecca and Paul! Find Out More about the March 28, 2014 Episode

By April Lara | 4 years ago
Neighbours Spoilers: Susan Found Out about Rebecca and Paul! Find Out More about the March 28, 2014 Episode
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What’s new in Ramsay Street? Read on for the “Neighbours” spoilers. Apparently, Susan found out about Rebecca and Paul! Find out more about the March 28, 2014 episode below.

Rebecca spent the night with Paul but she felt worried and thinks that she made a mistake. But Paul is so irresistible, that’s why doubts have been put aside especially when Paul told her to stay in Erinsborough. After that night, Rebecca runs into Susan and she was very surprised to know that Rebecca spent the night with Paul. This angered her and confronted Paul about it, asking about his motives towards Rebecca but Paul is determined now that he will treat her right this time.

And because of this, Susan apologizes to Rebecca but she realized that she should be more concerned about Rebecca’s reasons. Why is she with Paul again? Is she really falling in love with him again? Or is it because she’s trying to undo the mistakes that have happened in the past?

Meanwhile, Josh and Amber reconcile and Josh preferred to spend time with Amber instead of going to a specialist with his mum and dad. Brad and Terese were disappointed to learn that Josh won’t compete again and they feel dreadful to tell their son about this. When Josh came home, he is very disappointed to learn the truth about his injury. This angered him and he also resorted to denial. He accuses his parents of not supporting him and he promises that on the next Games he will make it on his own.

Oh no, what is he going to do? With his injury, it’s quite impossible for him to still be able to play!

Patricia is becoming annoyed because he feels like he’s being monitored by Chris, and he confronted Chris about this. Chris admitted that indeed, he is monitoring her because he doesn’t trust her when it comes to gambling. Then, Patricia returns the money that she borrowed but Chris is so suspicious that he accused her that she got the money from gambling again. This left Patricia pleading for Chris’ trust because without it she can’t recover. She asked Sonya for help and Sonya obliged to help Chris and Patricia.

And that’s the “Neighbours” spoilers which includes Susan finding out about Rebecca and Paul on the March 28, 2014 episode. Watch “”Neighbours” at 4p.m. on Channel 5.

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