Netflix Now a Player on Television

By admin | 4 years ago

Netflix received its first Emmy nominations for their streaming service reflecting the shifting landscape of viewing television.

The streaming service, which has aggressively entered the field of original programming just this year, was given 14 nominations on Thursday.

The recognition by the top honors on TV has cemented the company’s status as a new rival in television entertainment, for not only old movies and reruns from television, but for quality, scripted programming with real budgets that match any on television today.

Shows that had never been aired on cable or traditional broadcast networks have been nominated in the awards’ top categories, which was a first for the awards, which made a rule change in 2008, allowing shows that were distributed on the Internet eligible to win an Emmy.

However not until now, had any Web content managed to be nominated in the top categories of the awards show, a shift that reflects the playing field is beginning to level off.

Amongst its nominations for Emmys is House of Cards a political thriller that has been nominated for three top Emmys: best drama, and for top performances by its top, two stars Robin Wright and Kevin Spacey.

Arrested Development, which Fox cancelled in 2006 and Netflix resurrected in May, had its star Jason Bateman nominated as best actor in a comedy. In addition, Hemlock Grove a horror series received two nominations in minor categories.

The arrival of Netflix is similar to cable series that until 1987 could not be nominated for Emmys, which forced a parallel awards show. However, they now dominate most of the leading categories.

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