Netflix to Revive ‘The Killing’ for a Final Season 4

By admin | 4 years ago

Netflix is ready to renew the gritty crime drama “The Killing” for a fourth season, after it’s been cancelled twice by AMC. (Via USA Today)

The one hour murder-mystery drama, which is based on a Danish crime series, follows two homicide detectives Sarah Linden and Stephen Holder solving murder cases around Seattle.

The series was premiered on AMC in 2011, but the network cut the chord in 2012 after its second season wrapped up. This happened when the show fell in its ratings after the first season’s finale. (Via

That’s when Netflix got involved into the business, and brought the series back in the form of a third season as a result of its collaboration with other two partners, Fox Television Studios and AMC. But once again, AMC axed the series two months ago leaving Netflix all alone to pick up the tab. And now, the series is reportedly making a full-fledged shift over to Netflix for its six-episode fourth (and final) season.

While rescuing The Killing, Netflix rep Cindy Holland says that they’ll be offering both existing and new seasons to the fans, and he’s hoping the series to be “perfectly suited for on-demand viewing.” However, there is no way to know how well this “perfectly suited” crime drama will work for Netflix.

The streaming giant has had some success with reviving old shows, like it did for a fourth season of cancelled comedy “Arrested Development”. Maybe it’s looking for the same breakthrough here. And then it’s always a safer bet to add an established show in your growing genre to get around the demands of a typical audience.

Netflix hasn’t yet made any statement on when to expect this six-episode fourth season of “This Killing,” but as mentioned above, the previous seasons are available on Netflix. Stay tuned to MovieNewsGuide for further details!

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