5 Supernatural Netflix UK Shows Everybody Wants To Stream

By Janine | 2 years ago
5 Supernatural Netflix UK Shows Everybody Wants To Stream
Supernatural Season 13

Viewers have used Netflix series UK shows as a source of binge-watching goodness. However, not all viewers are happy with the show selections. While Netflix members are trying to figure out the best supernatural series to hit the streaming website, trailers are popping up everywhere promising a binge-worthy experience.

If fans want werewolves, magic or the undead, there are five supernatural shows that are being petitioned to come become UK Netflix series favorites. Those in the UK can not rest easy knowing that there are supernatural shows not in their platform.

The Witches of East End is one show that only featured two seasons on Netflix. Magically inclined fans are already petitioning for season renewals. Another post mentioned The Secret Circle. A CW show that is similar to The Vampire Diaries but it features an all-girl cast. It is already out for streaming since 2012 but not in the UK. Penny Dreadful may have officially ended but it never started in Netflix UK. The gothic Victorian horror series has already stopped at its third season after an epic ending that signaled the end of the lead character. True Blood is a famous American vampire show. It is a long time running series on HBO but it appears it will stop at the seventh season ever since Game of Thrones have taken the lead in HBO.

How about Supernatural? Supernatural is considered to be one of the longest running television series ever and it is a marathon worthy content. The Winchester brothers have already entered its twelfth season but Netflix UK has not welcomed it yet.

Hoping to push the company to put up a lengthy roster after Orange is The New Black season 4, UK fans are craving for something paranormal and supernatural. Which is why Netflix Series UK fans are pressing for the streaming company to take on these mystical series as a binge-watching source.


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