Netflix Unveiled First Trailer Of Naked: Find Out Everything About Film

By Neha Bakshi | 2 years ago
Netflix Unveiled First Trailer Of Naked: Find Out Everything About Film
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Netflix upcoming film Naked is inspired by a Swedish comedy which stars Marlon Wayans and Regina Hall.  The streaming giant has released the first look of the movie which is directed by A Haunted House fame director Michael Tiddes. The first teaser trailer of the film is already out and looks cheeky. Wayans stands naked and absolutely clueless in the elevator as he gets stuck in a time loop. Indeed, waking up naked in the elevator can be one of the scariest dreams.

What Is Naked All About?

Naked stars Marlon Wayans in the role of Rob Anderson who is about to get married to Megan Swope (Hall). A couple of few hours before exchanging wedding vows he decides to explore the city of Charleston with his best man (Jonathan Todd Jackson). Anderson isn’t aware of his responsibilities as he does not even bother to find a suitable ring or prepare for his first dance. But something unexpected will happen with him which keeps him stuck in a time loop.

He wakes up naked in the elevator of his hotel room next morning and has only one hour left to reach his own wedding. In order to reach church he steals clothes, streaks through a marathon, gets indulged in a confrontation with bullies and cops on his way. However, every time he gets close to the wedding venue he gets back in the same elevator. (Via Entertainment Weekly)

Anderson meets the same set of people daily in the elevator with no clothes and memory of how he got there. However, there is an unknown force which conspires to make him a better man each time he gets into this situation. He has got to live the same life again and again until he realizes his responsibilities.

Cast & Teaser Details

The upcoming romantic comedy film stars Scott Foley, Loretta Devine, Dennis Haysbert, and Brian McKnight in important roles. The Naked teaser doesn’t unveil a lot of details except naked Wayans and a set of people who meet him in the elevator. At first, he is shocked and has no idea at all about how he got stuck in that time loop.

The Swedish film Naked was not very well received by the audience. However, it seems that the Netflix original film is going to come out with positive reviews. The trailer looks quite interesting and fun filled. Naked will be released by Netflix on August 11 in over 190 countries worldwide.

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