Netflix Update: Top 3 TV Series That Might Return!

By Chan Lasan | 2 years ago
Netflix Update: Top 3 TV Series That Might Return!

Netflix is letting viewers take another peek into Star Hollow’s universe of quotable quotes and coffee with the Gilmore Girls: A year in the Life.

These past few days, news has been circulating that Netflix will make a rerun of many shows that people used to watch. Speculations have it that Entourage, The X-Files, 24 and That’s so Raven will soon be rebooted. Lee Beverly, a television executive, will resurrect five popular shows and fasten them together for the entertainment of the fans.

1. Bonanza

Bonanza is about the charming family of Cartwright with 431 episodes. For audiences to pace up, NBC will have to remove entirely the nightly line-up to pave way for Bonanza reruns. Popular shows like The Blacklist, Law & Order, and Ninja Warrior, have been cancelled immediately (until the network decides to bring them back on 2030) for NBC’s Bonanza Block time.

It is the term we use for the reruns of Bonanza, which are episodes played ceaselessly until viewers finish 431 tales of whimsy and adventure. While NBC Bonanza block is airing and some major story developed or news about Olympics pop up, we believe it is our rightful privilege to entirely ignore it. Then this will lead to a major event by NBC which we will personally peg as The Bonanza Reruns, which will feature 18-hour long episodes of, what else, you bet, Bonanza!

Let us scrutinize few episode descriptions, of which super fans will be left aghast, spell-bound as they crave for more and more and conspiracy theories. Netflix is a way for fans to dig deeper.

Episode 1- a burial of each Bonanza Actors all played out concurrently; while the theme circles constantly in the background to make the deaths feel less sad.

Episode 2- new generation of the adorable Cartwright family will be introduced. This will be led by their parents, Tony and Jessica as they move into the ancestral Cartwright house. The episode will end with Tony informing viewers that he will never return along with the original cast members. Jokes will be plenty though. And these of course while again, the theme circles in the background.

Episode 3- it is about the reunion. The scene will start with the new members of the family visiting the Cartwright grave just few feet behind their ancestral house. In here, they will take time to remember all their fond memories with the original cast.

2. How I met Your Mother

The program came to an end in 2014, and for Democrats, it has not been long enough. A lot of people were angry about how the show ended, and we sympathize with that. Its like, we all waited for Ted Mosby to settle down with Robin, then all of a sudden a girl showed up and ruined the story, Cracked reported.

As a rerun, it should give the audience their much awaited romance between Robin and Ted. The previous episode ended with Ted and Robin staring at each other. And from there it will plot a scene and see how their relationships go into a full swing.

It will scrap the story of Barney Stinson and won’t talk about Ted’s dead wife. It will show those funny Barney jokes. Marshall will be replaced by a lovable character, Zack. The season finale will show Zack settling down with Marshall’s ex-wife, accepting their kids as his own.

3. Band Of Brothers

Steven Spielberg and Tom Hanks really made a beat –up job on band of Brothers mini-series. It is really tricky to capsulize historical events. No offense to Mr. Spielberg but the crucial part of what the audiences want in a narrative such as that is what the characters are doing now.

So, these fall, expect Band of Brother 2.0 from FOX channel because HBO will not allow this to be shown. The all-time band of brothers’ characters will be this time played by old actors like Al Pacino and Allan Alda as they work together in a modern and crazy world neither of them understood. Aside from the old actors, which most of them viewers really do not want to see, there will be grandchildren or a few insane teenagers who will repeatedly get into various troubles and headaches and will discover the wisdom from old men.

The rerun would start by showing the old man’s beautiful house; audience will see Major Richard checking on his television’s remote control. Then there is his grandson Patrick, wearing a shirt, sleeveless, and annoyed with Grandpa. Then they will talk about the senseless topic of remote controls and wars. End of the story.

Unfortunately, Netflix may not be able to read this but if they do, let us all hope they would nicely take this by heart.

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