New ‘Big Hero 7’ Team Hinted? ‘Big Hero 6’, ‘Kingdom Hearts III’ Action-Packed Marriage Imminent

By Martin Suan | 2 years ago
New ‘Big Hero 7’ Team Hinted? ‘Big Hero 6’, ‘Kingdom Hearts III’ Action-Packed Marriage Imminent
“Big Hero 6” to appear in “Kingdom Hearts III.”

Disney’s Roy Conli just revealed “Big Hero 6” is coming to “Kingdom Hearts III” soon. What could fans expect? Read on for more details.

After announcing “Tangled” to be coming in “Kingdom Hearts III,” Walt Disney Animation Studios Producer Roy Conli just let another cat out of the bag.

“It is an honor for me today to announce to the world that now ‘Big Hero 6’ will also be featured in ‘Kingdom Hearts III,’” Conli said. “The story will take place after the events of the film – after Hero and the gang have formed their heroic team.”

As a parallelism to the animated film’s symbolic marriage of San Francisco and Tokyo, San Fransokyo, the producer also revealed teams coming from Japan and United States working together for “Big Hero 7.” And similar to what they did in “Big Hero 6,” the action sequence in the sequel is set to have a very special meaning.

Recently, there were speculations saying a new “Big Hero 6” cartoon is set to be released in TV that would transition viewers for the sequel. Idle Hands managed to spot various Bandai action figures listed for pre-orders showing Stealth variants of “Big Hero 6” characters.

Alleged sources by Stitch Kingdom claimed fans would get to see the sequel in the holiday seasons and will feature a brand new look of the team. This seemed to confirm the action figures spotted over the internet.

Although they looked like repainted actions figures previously released by Bandai, it was also said these give a hint about the new Stealth team. Questions also arose saying why Bandai would release these action figures with specific designs.

No one knows and Disney has yet to make an official statement. Hence, readers should take this with a grain of salt.

“Kingdom Hearts 3” release date is also yet to be announced.

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Photo source: Facebook/“Big Heron 6”

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