New Book Reveals All; Liz Taylor Had Sex With Mickey Rooney At 14!

By Pala Sen | 2 years ago
New Book Reveals All; Liz Taylor Had Sex With Mickey Rooney At 14!
Elizabeth Taylor

A new book claims that Elizabeth Taylor and Mickey Rooney were caught by his wife while they were engaging in a sexual act. Read on to know more about the story.

Liz Taylor was just 12 when she starred along with Mickey Rooney in the movie “National Velvet”.

Elizabeth Taylor had a passionate love affair with Mickey Rooney who was her co-star and long time friend when she was barely 14. Rooney had then been in his twenties and a married man already, according to some explosive details given in a new book.

Taylor, who was born in London, was just 12 when she and Rooney, who was 24 then and married to Betty Jane, his second wife –acted together in the famous 1944 movie, “National Velvet” that instantly made a star out of Liz.

It was just two years later that this young starlet then was caught red handed by Mickey’s wife, who was expecting a child then, while she was engaging in a sex act with Rooney.

Authors William J. Birnes and Richard A. Lertzman made these claims in the book “The Life and Times of Mickey Rooney” who had taken interviews of the Hollywood actor before the latter passed away last year.

At that time, both these actors were under a contract with MGM but were working on separate movie projects at the studio.  Betty Jane, who was a back-up singer for Frank Sinatra and Elvis Presley, filed for divorce immediately after she saw them together.

Pam McClenathan, who was one of Betty Jane’s friends shared that she had gone to visit Mickey, her husband at the studio one day. When she reached her husband’s dressing room and opened the door, she was shocked to find Mickey and Liz performing a sexual act.

All hell broke loose at that time when Betty was expecting their second son. She got herself a top attorney and also received a big settlement and yet was not happy as she had desired for a faithful and loyal husband.

Mickey married eight times and one of the most notorious womanizers of Hollywood.

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