New Cheating Website, Cheating4Me Takes Advantage of Ashley Madison’s Hack Controversy

By Mardielyn | 2 years ago
New Cheating Website, Cheating4Me Takes Advantage of Ashley Madison’s Hack Controversy
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Ashley Madison adultery website had a hack update—a new cheating site name, takes advantage of the recent security violation of Ashley Madison.

According to the released report of News Everyday, a new cheating site is taking advantage of the Canadian-based online adultery service named’s recent security fall out.

If you are not familiar with this website, the online server is a kind of dating and social networking site that let married or committed people to have an affair. Ashley Madison encourages those people to have a short relationship or fling to other people if they are not fulfilled with their partners.

There are other sites who give people a chance to have another relationship without their partners knowledge, and as same as’s motto: “It’s not cheating unless you get caught,” the site has almost the same dictum, but last July, the minds of the site’s users were all bombarded by the news that their accounts on Ashley Madison were hacked! And as bad as it seems, it seems like the site’s motto fired back to them.

In addition to this, was reportedly hacked by Impact Team two months ago, and they threatened the owners that if the site continues to operate, they will exposed the personal information that they stole from the site’s 37 million users! But, it seems like their plan will remain as a plan as Avid Life Media, which owns Ashley Madison site, has stated that everything is under control now—all the information has been secured and the team are now working together with the police to locate the hackers.

Moreover, News Everyday reported that Impact Team has supposedly released the information on the site’s 2,500 users—they got users names, credit card numbers and personal fantasies.

Since the hack happened last July, there have been links that claims to lead to user’s personal information. But, the links is reportedly a “spam.” There have been no new data released since then, and this leads many to believe that the threat will be over very soon.

Meanwhile, as the Ashley Madison is still on the process of fixing their security breach, takes advantage to the site’s misfortune. As reported by News Everyday, the site does not only is like, they serve frustrated people and let them enjoy themselves in their dating site. They also let married and single people in many countries have a fling, which not only resembles Ashley Madison, but also had “almost” the same motto. was launched this year.

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