New fan theory tries to justify overuse of CGI in ‘The Hobbit’ films

By Akul Sharma | 2 years ago
New fan theory tries to justify overuse of CGI in ‘The Hobbit’ films

“The Hobbit” was criticized by fans and critics alike for its overuse of CGI, but one fan theory has justified it.

Are you on of the Midde-Earth die hard fans who were left bitter by Peter Jackson’s The Hobbit trilogy? A new fan theory might make you feel good about the less acceptable prequels to the highly rated “The Lord of the Rings” trilogy. A Reddit user named Questiondbp has stated that:

“What Bilbo actually experienced during his adventure with the Dwarves was probably far less significant and monumental than the movies make it out to be, because the movies show how Bilbo retells his adventures, not how he actually lived them.”

According to, this makes sense because unlike the general plotline of “The Lord of the Rings” trilogy, “The Hobbit” follows a story told by Bilbo. And we all know how much the hobbits loved folklore and exaggeration. Hailing from small town Shire, Bilbo almost travelled the world and was a hero in his village. Therefore, we can give him the rights to boast about his adventures and retell them with some false heroics.

Peter Jackson was criticized for turning a modest book like The Hobbit into a massive trilogy with newly added subplots and long action scenes. But this fan theory is so spot on that things make sense. Although some factors like the baseless love triangle between elves and a dwarf still don’t fit in, action scenes like Legolas, played by Orlando Bloom, defying gravity and flying through the mountains do look like something Bilbo could easily make up.

This fan theory might not be a very solid justification, but it might help some fans accept “The Hobbit” films the way they relish the “Lord of the Rings” trilogy.

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