With new ‘Ghostbusters’ Animated Series, Sony is Consolidating Ghostbusters Universe

By Nilankur Dutta | 2 years ago
With new ‘Ghostbusters’ Animated Series, Sony is Consolidating Ghostbusters Universe
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There’s something new in the neighborhood. A Ghostbusters animated series is in development with Sony Pictures. Also coming on board for the project is the original  “Ghostbusters” producer Ivan Reitman. Read on for more details.

The new animated series will follow the plot of the original 1984 film. A group of scientists will once again team up to save New York City from spooks, ghouls and all kinds of ghostly phenomena. Being targeted to younger audiences, no doubt there will be a predominance of gadgets and contrivances to capture the ghosts.(via Tracking Board)

No word on whether the team will be all-male or all-female, but Sony is undoubtedly looking to capitalize on Paul Feig’s all-female Ghostbusters reboot out next year, which features Kristen Wiig, Melissa McCarthy, Kate McKinnon and Leslie Jones scaring up the dead.

Keep in mind that Sony is trying to build a Ghostbusters Cinematic Universe (GCU, anybody?) of sorts with their new Ghost Corps project, headed by Dan Aykroyd and Reitman. They have already announced an all-male Ghostbusters movie as a “counterpart” to Feig’s offering. That one, being directed by Joe and Anthony Russo might just bring Channing Tatum into the ghostbusters universe. It now seems highly probable that soon we will have Slimer in his own gritty television show (via Variety)

The animated series, however, will target the younger audiences. Ghostbusters first came out in 1984, so it is been awhile since young people have been fans of the franchise. No doubt Sony wants to get ‘em young and keep ‘em hooked to their cinematic fare. And Reitman may be the perfect person do it, having already served as producer in the original, and also in such family-centric comedies like “Evolution” and “Kindergarten Cop.”

No word on when the animated series will be out yet, but come July 15, 2016, you can watch the female cast don the brown jumpsuits and fight ghosts.


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