New Girl Recap: Oregon

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New Girl Recap: Oregon
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In this week’s episode of “New Girl,” we see how difficult it is to survive a long distance relationship. In Season 4 Episode 16 “Oregon,” Jess learned the harsh truth about keeping the love alive when your partner lives a thousand miles away. Read on to learn more about this episode.

Jess and the rest of the gang returns to her hometown in Portland to attend a wedding between her father (Rob Reiner) and Jess’ school nemesis (Katilin Olson). The main plot, however, centered on the roommates’ romantic lives beginning with Jess and Ryan.

“Oregon” opened with Jess leaving an incredibly awkward voicemail to Ryan’s cell. Her friends were worried that she’s not getting enough rest since she’s always working for his call. Jess, as stubborn as always, argues that she’s fine. She even points out that she loves long distance relationships because she doesn’t have to shave her legs every day. Jess says it’s a bit difficult, especially because of the time difference, but they’re both determined to make it work.

When they get to Portland, Jess received a call from Ryan saying that he would not be able to go. Jess was undeniably upset with her boyfriend given that she even arranged a personalized tour for the two of them. Lucky for her, she’s surrounded by her friends, headed by Nick, who’s willing to go the extra mile to cheer her up.

Nick’s plan works, and Jess forgot all about Ryan. That is, until they get to her mother’s house (Jamie Lee Curtis), and she’s reminded again that Ryan ditched her. Nick tries to cheer her up and say that the only thing that matters is that he was with her when she needed him. Unfortunately, his advice only seemed to make Jess more upset.

At the wedding, Jess makes a big mistake and forgot to bring the wedding rings! Nick and Coach rode a tandem bike to retrieve the rings while Jess sings “Ave Maria” to distract the guests.

When Nick and Coach finally showed up with the rings, Jess goes to find her dad dancing with Ashley, looking more in love than ever. The scene made Jess realize that Nick was right and decided to break up with Ryan through voicemail.

There you have it on the latest recap of “New Girl” Season 4 Episode 16 “Oregon.”

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