New Girl Season 3 Finale Episode 23 Cruise Recap

By Sarahlee Bertulfo | 4 years ago
New Girl Season 3 Finale Episode 23 Cruise Recap
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The “New Girl” Season 3 Finale Episode 23 “Cruise” featured the gang on a cruise. Read on to find out all about the gang’s antics, including Coach, Nick, Jess, Cece and Schmidt here on MNG’s “New Girl” Season 3 Finale Episode 23 “Cruise” recap.

Jess and Nick tag along everyone to a couples cruise and don’t really care if they seem weird but their friends do worry. On the other hand, Coach is worried but for a different cause and that is his fear of boats.  He tries to beat this fear by presenting himself to know the cruise safety measures, but his fear increases by the way the he was oriented by Cruise Director Doug.  This scene is quite funny because Doug had to calm him down by cradling him and singing to him.

Meanwhile, Schmidt tries to win back Cece by getting her a class ring for her GED with his help of course.  He confided to Winston that he still got feelings for her.

Nick finds Jess acting a bit weird when she says that Captain Jan Nortis was flirting with him.  In order to stop the weirdness, Nick suggested that they need to do every activity and that means utilizing their romantic package which carries couple’s yoga, a massage, a photo shoot together, making towel animals together and wine tasting!  They had this awkwardly cute scene while drinking when Nick attempts to kiss Jess and she tries to shy away by turning her head.

Winston was quite disappointed when he noticed that Nick and Jess were avoiding each other in the trip and he even tells Jess that he actually paid for the whole gang to go fishing together.  While Nick and Jess are avoiding each other, Schmidt is trying to make a move on Cece but changed his mind when Cece starts talking about her boyfriend.

Winston break off their conversation by suggesting they have a meeting to solve the problem between Nick and Jess.  Cece asked help from the Captain to bring Nick and Jess to their room.  They gathered in the room, and Cece bluffs them to patch up or they can’t leave the room.   Nick and Jess confessed that they feel awkward about living together. After getting it off their chest and as they were about to leave the room they found out they were locked in the room.  Things got out of hand after three days of being trapped inside the room, thank god the Cruise Director found them.

As they got back home, Nick agrees to Schmidt offering to share rooms with him, assuming that the living situation will get better.  That’s it for the “New Girl” Season 3 Finale Episode 23 “Cruise” recap. Let’s hope things will get much better between Nick and Jess on Season 4!  For more updates about “New Girl,” and other entertainment news, visit Movie News Guide (MNG) regularly.

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