New Girl Season 4 Episode 17 Recap: Will Cece and Schmidt Get Back Together?

By DV Pre | 3 years ago
New Girl Season 4 Episode 17 Recap: Will Cece and Schmidt Get Back Together?

The latest episode of “New Girl” reminds the fans and avid viewers of the series why they loved the series in the first place. In the Season 4, Episode 17 “Spiderhunt” shows Nick acting all chef-y in making “The Sauce” for Schmidt’s date with Fawn. Read on to learn more about it.

As usual, Cece has been keeping very secretive on the sudden avoidance to Jess. While everyone’s having a great day, it was immediately ruined by the appearance of a spider! Let us take a moment of silence to fully understand why Schmidt has a great fear of spider. It is because of the traumatizing “American Pie” experience. It was when he did what to be done to pie but he fell asleep after and forgot to shower first then finally waking up to a bunch of spiders in his “place.”

Fighting for vengeance, Schmidt convinced the group for a spider hunt. While planning for the ultimate spider vs. man combat, Jess tries to figure why Cece’s been acting distant lately. Jess didn’t get the answer, of course. Cece’s a good secret keeper, you know?

Meanwhile, Coach has been perfecting his email to May. The klutz Schmidt hit the computer, all of the drafts has been sent! Whoopsie! They tried to comfort Coach and while doing that, they noticed that the spider is already in Schmidt’s face!!!! He went crazy and screamed at the top of his lungs! Fawn to the rescue when he slapped Schmidt’s cheek to fight the spider. In a man vs. spider, it’s the (wo)man who won! Yay to the team!

What do you think of the latest episode of “New Girl” Season 4, Episode 17, titled “Spiderhunt?” Do you think Cece would soon reveal his feelings towards Schmidt on the next episodes? Tell us what you think in the comments below.

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