New Girl Season 4 Recap: Jess and Cece Experience ‘Walk of Shame’

By DV Pre | 3 years ago
New Girl Season 4 Recap: Jess and Cece Experience ‘Walk of Shame’
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In an all new episode of “New Girl” Jess and Cece are introduced with what we like to call “The Walk of Shame.” Or as “30 Rock’s” Liz Lemon put it, “The Stride of Pride.” If you’ve missed season 4, episode 18, keep on reading for the show’s full recap.

The episode started with Jess and Cece having their hair blowout. The girls have started to appreciate their singled, saying that they’re modern independent women who don’t need a man to make them happy. With their hair styled to perfection, Cece and Jess instantly fell in love with their hairdresser. Seeing their va va voom hair, the girls are instantly filled will confidence on the hopes to get them a man. (What happened to being independent, girls?)

Schmidt however told them that they need to be very careful as hair blowouts can give too much confidence and make them take on things they can’t handle. “Hillary Clinton,” Schmidt noted.

Cece and Jess ignored the advice and still went on to attend a house party. When Jess opened her eyes the next day, boom, it’s Bearclaw! Yes, the Bearclaw she had a date with in the past season. Before you all freak out, Jess and Bearclaw did not do hook up. They only stayed up all night getting all creative with their woodland creature writing.

Cece, on the other hand, didn’t have sex either. She was making out with their date but kept calling him “Schmidt” which dampened the mood. This episode only made us wish Cece and Schmidt would finally admit their feelings towards each other! This would make the series ten times better, don’t you think? Same goes for Jess and Nick!

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