‘New Girl’ Season 5 Episode 1 Without Jess! Zooey Deschanel Still On Maternity Leave

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‘New Girl’ Season 5 Episode 1 Without Jess! Zooey Deschanel Still On Maternity Leave
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“New Girl” season 5 spoilers revealed that Zooey Deschanel would not be appearing in the premiere episode. Fans of Jess would have to wait a bit longer to see her as the actress is currently on maternity leave.

According to “New Girl” spoilers from Carter Matt, the pregnant Zooey Deschanel was supposed to miss four episodes in season 5. However, since there had been several delays in the production, she will only be missing the premiere.

Speaking to The Hollywood Reporter, series creator Elizabeth Meriweather revealed that episode 1 would be titled “No Girl” because of the actress’ absence. Instead of feeling down, the producer said that it was actually a good time for the viewers to get to know more about Nick (Jake M. Johnson), Schmidt (Max Greenfield), Lamorne Morris (Winston Bishop) and Cece (Hannah Simone).

“I think in the first or second season, it would have been hard, but now it feels like this is a creative opportunity to learn more about the other characters. And it’s a little bit of a challenge. People are going to be asking, ‘How are they going to pull this off?'”

Meriweather revealed that the season 5 episode 1 has already wrapped up production. She promised that the episode is something that fans should not dare miss.

“It’s really funny. It’s a guys’ episode. It’s an opportunity to stretch ourselves…. Or it will be a total disaster and she’ll come back,” she said.

There you have it on the latest “New Girl” season 5 spoilers. What do you think will be the plot of the first episode now that Jess would not be in it? Tell us your thoughts in the comments section below.

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