New Mom Lee Bo Young Misses Working With Lee Jong Suk

By April Lara | 2 years ago
New Mom Lee Bo Young Misses Working With Lee Jong Suk
Lee Bo Young

Lee Bo Young has given birth to her first child last year and the 36-year-old actress seems to be ecstatic about it but at the same time, nostalgic of the old days, specifically the days she worked with Lee Jong Suk on “I Can Hear Your Voice.”

During an exclusive interview last Sept. 20, 2015 with MBC’s “Section TV,” K Drama Stars reported that the actress was asked about her role in “I Can Hear Your Voice.” This is what she said, “I wish those days could come back. Just looking at his face made me happy,” referring to Lee Jong Suk.

“I Can Hear Your Voice” is a story about an older woman and a younger man who fell in love with each other. This is Lee Bo Young’s first ever exclusive interview since she gave birth to her first child.

During the interview, she also talked about her daughter and shared that most people think her daughter looks exactly like her husband, Ji Sung. Ji Sung, who is already an actor and the star of “Kill Me, Heal Me,” has also recently appeared on “Section TV” last year where he revealed the name of their daughter.

After their daughter’s birth, Lee Bo Young and Ji Sung took a break from the spotlight and focused on their family. With Lee Bo Young’s reappearance on National TV again, it looks like this new mom is ready to get back to work. During their absence, Lee released her own essay book titled “Time of Love” and Ji appeared on “Three Meals a Day.”

Speaking of getting back to work, Ji returns on TV with a role in the short film “The Vampire Lives Next Door,” which will be screened as part of the Gala Presentation at the Busan International Film Festival.

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Photo source: Facebook/Lee Bo Young

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