New Obama Ad Says Romney is Economic Vampire

By admin | 6 years ago

A new campaign ad released by the Obama reelection campaign paints Mitt Romney, his opponent, as an economic vampire. The ad aims to make the presumptive nominee’s record in business a liability, as voters have their minds tuned to the struggling economy.

The new video, which is two minutes long, will run in Ohio, Iowa, Colorado, Virginia and Pennsylvania. On a campaign site that is new, a version that runs six minutes will be available. The new campaign site is devoted specifically to criticizing the approach Romney makes towards economic issues.

Andrea Saul, a Romney spokesperson, said the ex-Governor of Massachusetts was pleased the Obama team has pivoted back to the jobs area and is willing to discuss their failed record.

The campaign ad for Obama focuses on the misadventures of Bain Capital with Kansas City’s GST steel and highlights ex-steelworkers talking about what they saw from the time Bain purchased the company in 1993, to 2001 when they filed for bankruptcy protection.

One of the ex-workers said it was as if they came in and took all the life out of everyone, like a vampire would. He continues by saying that what happened is not capitalism; it was just plain bad management.

The new advertisement drew fire immediately from Steven Rattner, a former adviser on economic issues for Obama. He is nicknamed the “Car Czar,” because he helped with the overhaul of the automobile industry. He said the ad was not fair. He said the ad focuses on lost jobs and that is part of capitalism and he said there was nothing he could see that should make Bain Capital embarrassed.

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