New Spurs, Same old Rock

By admin | 6 years ago

The San Antonio Spurs are four-time NBA Finals’ winners. There is just one player who has played in a Spurs uniform for those four titles and could win the teams and his fifth, this season. His name is Tim Duncan. He has had 116 teammates over the years.

Thus far, in the post season, the Spurs swept the Utah Jazz in four and the Los Angeles Clippers in four games. San Antonio has won 18 consecutive games since April 11.

Duncan has said that this season feels similar to other championship seasons he has enjoyed with the Spurs. However, he is quick to point out the team has only won two rounds and the two most difficult are yet to be played, the Western Conference finals and the NBA finals if they make it that far.

Coach Gregg Popovich says their success this season is due to the team’s health. Last season, Duncan sprained his ankle in the last week and his mobility in the playoffs was limited. Manu Ginobili fractured a bone in his elbow at season’s end and was limited to what he could accomplish.

Duncan, in his 15th season, returned fitter, more slender and was able to play a schedule that was less taxing with fewer minutes and only 66 games due to the lock out.

Duncan has been a Spur his entire 15 year career. Teammate Tony Parker, the team scoring and assist leader has also only played for the Spurs his entire 10-year career. If that is not enough, Manu Ginobili has been a Spur for 11 seasons and has never played for any other team either.

Their conference finals start Sunday at home. Time will only tell if the rock in the middle can win his fifth championship.

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