New Trailer for Zoe Bell’s ‘Raze’: A violent fight to the death

By admin | 4 years ago

Fight or Die – there is NO ESCAPE!

IFC Midnight has released the new theatrical trailer for the action-horror film, Raze. Watching the trailer, it looks like the film is going to be brutally violent, for sure it is wild enough. But it’s not something you won’t want to see, the nice cameos by Doug Jones and Bruce Thomas makes it pretty cool.

The story follows two abducted women, Jamie and Sabrina, and 48 other women who are kidnapped and held captive in a modern day “coliseum” where they are forced to fight one another. Each woman has a loved one, the safety of whom is ransomed with their continuous fight. If they don’t fight, the loved one dies, and if they fight and lose, then again the loved one dies – in fact they’ll have to fight to the death, there is no other way out.

The screenplay of the film is written by Robert Beaucage and directed by Josh C. Waller. Starring Zoë Bell, Rachel Nichols, Tracie Thoms, Doug Jones, Sherilyn Fenn, and Bailey Borders, ‘Raze’ will hit theaters on Jan. 10, 2014.

Check out the full theatrical trailer for Raze:

Source: Yahoo! Movies

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