New Twist in ‘Captain America Civil War:’ Will Tony Stark’s Hatred Force Him To Create Red Hulk?

By Poonam Singh | 2 years ago
New Twist in ‘Captain America Civil War:’ Will Tony Stark’s Hatred Force Him To Create Red Hulk?

Well, every individual has an image to maintain and this goes with the characters in the movies as well. A rumor is making rounds that Robert Downey Jr. aka Iron Man or Tony Stark will once again make a mistake by creating a new monster named Red Hulk. Will Stark stick to his image of making mistakes, this time as well in the upcoming movie “Captain America Civil War,” just like he did in the past by creating weapons or villain like Ultron? Let’s find out.

As per a recent rumor, once again the character of billionaire Stark will come into the lime light by transforming General Thunderbolt Ross, the one who tries to catch Hulk, into Red Hulk. To be noted, the comics on which the movie is based also has the same part where Ross converted into Red Hulk. Movie Pilot reported that the changed ferocious devil will kill a superhero too and put behind the bars due to that act.

“Tony, in an attempt to better his position in the war after a defeat by Rogers, asks General Ross, who has long hated the Hulk, to do something drastic in order to help win the war. He reveals that he has Banner’s DNA, and has figured out how to use it to ignite the Hulk gene with anyone. Ross agrees, and becomes the Red Hulk,” further speculated Movie Pilot.

It was already confirmed that William Hurt will be seen reprising General Ross’s character in the film and in a conversation with The Wall Street Journal, Hurt talks about his liking for playing the comics character but he clears about playing a role different from the character of comics.

The movie already has two villains namely Baron Helmut Zemo, played by Daniel Brühl and Brock Rumlow/Crossbones by Frank Grillo, and to add another one is like too much for it. No doubt, the movie will show two protagonists, Captain America and Iron Man in conflict with each other but new entries like Spider-Man and Black Panther are also there.

Overall, the movie is fully packed with superheroes and it will be great if it is limited to them only. Currently, nothing can be said on the rumor related to Tony Stark creating Red Hulk as there is no confirmed report from the side of Marvels for the same. So, we have to wait to see whether Tony will create the Red Hulk or not and to what extend the hatred between Roger and Stark will go.

“Captain America Civil War” is slated for May 6, 2016 release.

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