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Even though mostly all the movies that are to be featured in this upcoming year are probably sequels or continuation of the their latest episodes the box office industry is really looking forward to all of these movies and movie critics and pundits are claiming 2012 to be a game changing movie year with many films that would surely claim a high standard in the box office industry. In this particular review, we will potentially talk about the most highly anticipated movies of 2012 and how through their selected cast and movie crew panel this movie is ought to be a great new hit in the coming months.

We would also talk about release dates of these new upcoming movies and how much of a budget would these costs to the box office industry and producers.

1. The Bourne Legacy

the bourne Legacy

Even though there has not been any official news about what story plot this movie would follow but it seriously is attracting a lot of attention lately as one of the much anticipated films of 2012. The film does not showcase Matt Damon but rather we are taken to a new cast and crew of Jeremy Renner, Edward Norton, Albert Finney and Rachel Weisz. The only real detail that is given to us is that the movie would highlight a new CIA agent whose life would surprisingly change with the events of what happened in the previous three prequels of The Bourne series. While Matt Damon may not be featuring in this particular sequel the movie still has generated a lot of hype and following and every person hopes that the Bourne 4 lives up to its expectation. The movie as usual will be heavily budgeted alike all its previous predecessors. Tony Gilory once again sets his foot on another thriller and therefore is the lead screen writer, while fans all across the globe eagerly await the release on August 3rd 2012.

2. Skyfall

skyfall daniel craig, new movies 2012

The James bond 007 plots continue with the 23rd sequel of the boon 007 series Skyfall. Daniel Craig once again stars in the 007 premier and at a total of the 3rd time overall. The story revolves around the loyalty of Agent Bond 007 with M and how her past overshadows of what is to be showcased in this plot of the 007 movie. Director Sam Mendes also talked about new and innovative action scene in the movies unlike the many Bond movies of earlier timelines. The story also features a massive large scale attack on the M16 HQ and how Bond 007 is to negotiate with all the threats surrounding him and his agency.
The shooting of this Bond 007 sequel would probably be done in three to four different locations while the movie is expected to make big sales by many movie pundits and critics on the 1st week of its release as the budget is fairly on the higher side and deems good and reputable results.

3. The Amazing Spider Man The amazing Spider Man

The Amazing Spiderman features as the fourth film on the Spiderman series known to the revolutionized box office industry but unlike its predecessors this movie would not feature Peter Parker as Toby Maguire or any other cast for that matter. The plot takes us to the very begging of how Spider man initially got his super powers and with a new to perform all over again it surely would be a much anticipated film in the box office industry. Other main characters include Emma stone and Andrew Garfield.

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