New Updates for ‘Fast and Furious 8:’ They Want Angelina Jolie!

By April Lara | 3 years ago
New Updates for ‘Fast and Furious 8:’ They Want Angelina Jolie!
Fast and Furious 8

Fast & Furious 8” is happening and we have the latest updates for you.

There have been rumors that the late Paul Walker’s brother Cody Walker who stepped in during the last scenes of “Fast & Furious 7” to film what’s supposed to be his brother’s scene, will be reprising Brian O’ Connor again. However, this is very unlikely because in the last movie, Brian has finally bid goodbye to the “driven life.”

Along with Vin Diesel who will be reprising his role as Dom, “Fast and the Furious” alum will be joining in too such as Dwayne Johnson, Michelle Rodriguez, Tyrese Gibson, Jason Statham, Deckard Shaw, Lucas Black and Eva Mendes. A new character is also being linked to the latest installment of the movie franchise, “Orange Is The New Black” Ruby Rose. Rumor has it that she has already auditioned for a part in the upcoming movie but was turned down due to her resemblance with Justin Bieber. However, no one has confirmed this yet.

Helen Mirren has also commented how she would like to have a role in “Fast & Furious 8.” And this will definitely change the whole game if she happens to land a role in the movie. There have also been rumours that the cast, specifically Rodriguez, wants Angelina Jolie to make an appearance on the upcoming movie because for her this will up the ante of the movie and at the same time, it would be really sexy to have Jolie on board. Well, her presence would definitely be powerful.

“Fast and Furious 8” is set to hit theaters on April 14, 2017.

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