Here Are The New Villains Joining Marvel’s Luke Cage Season 2

By Diane Samson | 1 year ago
Here Are The New Villains Joining Marvel’s Luke Cage Season 2
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The battle for Harlem is not over yet. After exchanging punches with his half-brother Diamondback, the Power Man is set to take down not one, but two new comic book villains in Marvel’s Luke Cage Season 2. Find out below.

Unbreakable Luke Cage Vs Bushmaster

Earlier this month, it was reported that the superhero series which has already started filming in New York, has added two new actors. One is Mustafa Shakir (The Deuce, The Night Of) who will play the role of John McIver and the other is Gabrielle Dennis (Insecure, Rosewood) who was cast as Tilda Johnson.

Shakir’s John McIver was described as a charismatic leader who was able to gain a following, but he has an agenda that is not exactly for justice. His mission is to serve vengeance for all the damage in and to Harlem.

According to comic book lore, the character who first appeared in Iron Fist in 1977 is a powerful crime boss and criminal financier.

Marvel fans will probably recognize him through his other name: Bushmaster. There have been two reiterations of Bushmasters in the comic book universe. At one point, the villain even faced and was defeated by Captain America. However, it was Danny Rand, Misty Knight, Claire Temple and Luke Cage who John McIver has often interacted with.

Bushmaster also underwent the same experimental procedure that gave Luke Cage his unbreakable skin and superhuman strength. Later on, he even gained the ability to absorb the energy of others.

Unbreakable Luke Cage Vs Nightshade

Meanwhile, Dennis’ Tilda Johnson is also a character who will stir trouble in Marvel’s Luke Cage Season 2. A brilliant holistic doctor with a complicated past with Harlem, she attempts to stay out of trouble but often finds herself reeled back into action. Marvel fans know her better as Nightshade.

She first appeared in comics in 1973. Born into poverty in New York, Tilda, at a young age, discovered that she has an aptitude for science. However, she used her genius to become a criminal scientist. At one point, she took control of a S.H.I.E.L.D. facility and used pheromones to force Captain America to battle Falcon.

In Harlem, she repeatedly clashed with Power Man and Iron Fist. Later on, she was reformed and became allies with Nighthawk.

Oddly, Tilda Johnson is already set to appear in Black Panther. The character will be played by actor/singer Nabiyah Be on the big screen.

Considering that Marvel’s Luke Cage technically exist in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (even if Marvel Studio president Kevin Feige has repeatedly said that an Avengers-The Defenders crossover is unlikely to happen right now) so it is surprising to see two versions of the character.

Marvel’s Luke Cage Season 2

The sophomore season of Colter’s solo superhero series is set to be released some time after Marvel’s The Defenders airs on Netflix. It already began filming last month and, aside from Shakir and Dennis, it looks like the series will also add Lucy Liu.

Earlier reports claimed that the Elementary actor was spotted hanging out near the set of the series. She even posed alongside Colter and the owner of Harlem Coffee Co. Mark Thompson.

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But it was the Instagram post of screenwriter and producer Musa Jackson that revealed how Liu was involved in the series. On a caption attached to a photo with Colter, he wrote (via Geeks of Color): “On set With my favorite super hero the amazing Mike Colter aka Luke Cage directed by Lucy Lui in Harlem at my favorite coffee shop.”

Aside from acting, Liu also started a career in television directing. She previously helmed episodes of Elementary and Graceland.

Marvel’s Luke Cage is expected to be released next year or some time in 2019. Meanwhile, Marvel’s The Defenders will premiere on Aug. 18.  In the meantime, the first season of Colter’s first solo series is still streaming exclusively on Netflix.

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