New Wonder Woman Trailer Shows Warfare and Alluring Gal Gadot

By Prabhu Prasad | 1 year ago
New Wonder Woman Trailer Shows Warfare and Alluring Gal Gadot
Wonder Woman

Firector Patty Jenkins is leaving nothing to chance with her new superhero movie. Wonder Woman has yet another trailer doing the rounds for the right reasons.

Time can be tricky sometimes. When Wonder Woman first came to the foray of comics realm, readers took it with a pinch of salt. Greek god ancestry, lasso of truth, indestructible bracelets, a tiara and an all-female trope didn’t sell much. Matter of fact, things took a different turn once the charming Lynda Carter wore a skimpy dress for the 1975’s Wonder Woman series and took the small screen by storm.

To begin with, Gal Gadot’s casting as the Wonder Woman couldn’t be better. She has the energy and the charisma essential for the role. Not to mention, she looks stunning as ever in the new trailer. The trailer, however, is in Russian and doesn’t change anything, thanks to the action and Princess Diana’s depiction.

Collider reports the new features of the trailer from its predecessor ones. Additionally, the new pieces in the trailer have to solely do with action sequences from the World War I. Gal Gadot is giving some soldiers the run for their money when she’s not getting romantic with Chris Pine’s character.

On a slightly lighter note, the vibe of the movie gives off an idea that it is unlike the other conventional superhero films. Patty Jenkins is keeping her Wonder Woman on par with the action of the other movies while giving it a feminine touch. In contrast to the ongoing debate about Wonder Woman’s sexuality, Gal Gadot’s character seems pretty straight in the new trailer.

Wonder Woman will also star the likes of Robin Wright, David Thewlis, and Danny Huston among others. Zack Snyder will produce the movie with Jason Fuchs taking over the writing duties. The trailer is another attempt to keep the hype factor alive and it sure serves its purpose.

The new Wonder Woman trailer has the room to show more storyline apart from the action and irrelevant conversations. Whatever the shortcomings of the trailer are, Gal Gadot’s alluring presence makes up for it. The movie isn’t like any other movie, of course. It stands as a symbol of feminist power and influence. The times are changing, isn’t it? For the better too.

Watch the Wonder Woman Trailer below:

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