New York Comic Con 2015 Reveals ‘The Legend of Korra’ Comic Artist

By Ivy Candelaria | 2 years ago
New York Comic Con 2015 Reveals ‘The Legend of Korra’ Comic Artist
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The wait is over. Movie News Guide recently announced that a “The Legend of Korra” comic will be released soon.


Well read on and be updated on the exciting details!

IGN reports that the forthcoming three-part graphic novel series will be designed by artist Brittney Williams, as announced by Dark Horse Comics at New York Comic Con.

Williams will be working meticulously with half of the series’ brainchid, Konietzko to guarantee the continuity of the comic, in relation to the story of the well-loved Nickelodeon show.

Williams will be bringing a fresh flavor to Korra’s character, while staying true to the creation’s existing visuals and quality.

“I’m definitely going to stay true to the amazing style and tone that the Legend of Korra and the Avatar series have,” Williams said.

Excited? Well here’s exclusive sketches by Williams to thrill us more:

Korra sketches WilliamsComic Book Resources

As the TV show has completed its final episode in a positive manner, there have been talks within fan communities that “The Legend of Korra” had a very “rough production”. Although it is good to learn that Nickelodeon has thankfully “not given up on the Avatar universe” and will still be confidently giving fans further innovative matters to explore and fingers crossed, maybe upcoming and/or previous avatars. (via Entertainment Monthly)

Co-creators Bryan Konietzko and Michael Dante DiMartino established that the trilogy will concentrate on Korra and Asami’s involvement.

According to IB Times, DiMartino mentioned that he and Konietzko were both overjoyed regarding the affirmative reaction from representing Korra and Asami in a lesbian relationship in the series finale.

“We knew people would hopefully enjoy it, but you never know… It’s touched people on an emotional level that I didn’t expect.” he said. “You pick a certain pairing, some people are going to be happy, and some people are going to be unhappy… We were just making sure we liked it, and in this case we did,” DiMartino added.

The story will pick up from where “Book 4: Balance” left off. This is where Kora and Asami were walking towards the light canon, while accepting their same gender relationship

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Photo Source: Wikia/Legend of Korra

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