News Television Ads for NRA support Romney

By admin | 6 years ago

Last Thursday, the National Rifle Association endorsed Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney and promptly ran its first ad for television of the presidential race attacking President Barack Obama.

The ad accuses the president of cutting away at individual rights and an individual’s freedoms. The political arm of the NRA – the NRA Political Victory Fund – announced it was spending $1.5 million during this week to have ads running on television in Florida, Ohio, Wisconsin and Virginia, all states that are critical in the election. The group is also planning to air ads on TV in different swing states right up to Election Day.

When the group was asked how much it planned to spend on television ads a spokesman replied that it planned on as much as the members of the association will send them. The group announced it would also advertise online in targeted markets. The last time the NRA-PVF aired television advertising was during the first two months of this year. Those ads also attacked President Obama for the gun-tracking operation Fast and Furious.

In the ad just released for television, the narrator speaks about threats to the country’s sovereignty, a huge debt, the chipping away of rights and freedoms and now an attack on the rights of the Second Amendment. However, the narrator says that can be stopped by defending freedom and defeating Obama.

The ad was available on YouTube last week, but plans for its use were not announced by the NRA-PVF. On Monday, it started to air in the state of Ohio.

Romney says he is not supportive of any new gun laws.

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