Niall Horan Pranked by One Direction About His ‘Leaving the Band’ Report

By Florida Mae Acampado | 3 years ago
Niall Horan Pranked by One Direction About His ‘Leaving the Band’ Report
PHOTOGRAPH: Wikipedia Commons/Brett Robson | One Direction at red carpet of the Logie Awards of 2012 in Melbourne

Fans went on a panic when news of Niall Horan leaving One Direction has spread all over the Internet. You can just imagine the relief when the news was proven false. But it seems the rest of the members of One Direction are ready to let go of the news just yet and pranked Horan all day.

On Sunday, Dec. 28, 2014, Sugarscape and Yahoo! Celebrity UK posted tweets of Horan leaving One Direction. Almost instantly, fans screamed bloody murder for details and confirmations on the news. Thankfully, Sugarscape and Yahoo! Celebrity UK both announced that the news is not true, revealing that their respective Twitter pages were hacked.

The boyband’s fans were relieved of the news and have decided to let go of the nightmare. Horan must have felt of the same thing too; however, his bandmates aren’t going to let things slide just easily. In an exclusive report, it was revealed that Harry Styles talked the rest of the band into doing a prank to Horan in relation to his "leaving the band" all day. Just what exactly did they do to Horan?

“Harry thought it would be funny if he had the whole band act like Niall was out of the band and started talking to him and treating him like he was in the past tense, they ran with it all day. They were texting him to come back to the band and making joke decisions that didn’t involve him. They all had a pretty fun laugh about it. They aren’t breaking up and they wanted to treat the news as it was, a complete joke,” a source told

It’s nice to see that the band is making light of this news. This somehow proves that they have no intentions of breaking up the band at all.

Did you believe the news of Niall Horan leaving One Direction when you first heard it? What do you think of how the rest of the group took the news? Post your comments below.

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Photo source: Wikimedia Commons/Brett Robson – Global Photographics


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