Nick Cannon Ready to Play Dirty In Court against Mariah Carey, James Packer Talks Marriage?

By Martin Suan | 2 years ago
Nick Cannon Ready to Play Dirty In Court against Mariah Carey, James Packer Talks Marriage?
Nick Cannon to play dirty in court against Mariah Carey?

“Gigolo” singer Nick Cannon was reportedly ready to play dirty in court against “One Sweet Day” singer Mariah Carey after learning that she planned to take their kids to the fourth richest Australian James Packer’s hometown.

Insiders reportedly told In Touch that Nick Cannon is ready to go to court if needed in order to stop Mariah Carey.

“He’s always been worried about Mariah drinking around the children, and I’m sure he will use that to his advantage. There is no chance those kids will be leaving the country,” OK! Magazine noted.

Mariah was said to be “totally in love” with James Packer that she would try to join him as soon as her divorce with Nick is finalized.

Court May Not Allow Mariah to Take Kids As Singer and James Talks Marriage

An American celebrity gossip magazine also claimed that a source reportedly told them that Mariah Carey and James Packer were already discussing about moving in together.

“Mariah wants to move Down Under,” an insider told Life & Style.

She also wanted to take her four-year-old twins Morrocan and Monroe. However, Nick Cannon is reportedly not allowing Carey to get away that easily and would never stand for it.

Though the court can allow Mariah to move easily to Australia, it won’t be that way with the kids. The court would put them primarily under Nick’s custody.

“That is what the court has the discretion to do. So, it’s a risk,” family law expert and attorney Goldie Schon said.

Mariah Now Has Less Money Woes, Thanks to James

Mariah Carey was seen having financial problems last year. And getting married with James Packer would reportedly put an end to it as Packer was estimated to be worth $4.6 billion.

Nick was primarily the breadwinner in the later months of his marriage with Carey. But now thanks to Packer, she would have less to worry about, Hollywood Take reported.

If court rumors are true, it seems things between Mariah Carey, Nick Cannon, and James Packer are heating up. Hopefully, it would be settled soon.

Nevertheless, take rumors with a grain of salt.

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Photo source: Facebook/Mariah Carey.

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