Nick Cannon Receives a Mariah Carey Collage Surprise From Howie Mandel

By Akul Sharma | 2 years ago
Nick Cannon Receives a Mariah Carey Collage Surprise From Howie Mandel
Mariah Carey Collage

 Nick Cannon has been having a hard time adjusting to life without estranged wife Mariah Carey and his “America’s Got Talent” colleague Howie Mandel has surprised him by putting up a collage of Carey while Cannon was fast asleep during a flight. Read on for more details.

Mandel showed off his amazing collage skills by putting the photo on Instagram and Facebook on Monday, August 10 with the caption, “Wait until @nickcannon wakes up to see collage I made him.”

Cannon’s disappointment with the separation is well known to the public. He has been trying to get back with her while she has long moved on with her new billionaire boyfriend James Packer. Mandel probably tried to make his pal feel better by giving him this surprise.

The picture shows Cannon sleeping on a private plane with the aid of large headphones. Right on the wall behind him we can see Mandel with magazine articles of Carey stuck with the help of Band-Aids. Amazing work from the always funny star Howie. We are still waiting how Cannon reacted to the collage after finally waking up, but the fans had quite a laugh on the snapshot suggesting that Cannon’s reaction might not be pleasant. One fan commented, “Oooowwww!!! When he wakes up you better duck.”

Cannon and Carey have reacted separately to their separation with Cannon refusing to go ahead with the divorce stating she is still his dream girl. Although real reason could be money as Carey is worth half a billion bucks compared to Cannon’s $20 million.

Carey,  meanwhile, is looking forward to finalizing the divorce and as InTouchWeekly reported marry Packer for whom she has apparently fallen head over heels. It is also being reported that she will get the primary custody of the couple’s four-year-old twin Monroe and Moroccan.

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