Nick Cannon Tries to Stop Mariah Carey From Taking Their Twins To James Packer’s Hometown

By Meghna Subhedhar | 2 years ago
Nick Cannon Tries to Stop Mariah Carey From Taking Their Twins To James Packer’s Hometown
PHOTOGRAPH: Facebook | MariahCarey

R&B singer and songwriter, Mariah Carey, is having trouble with her estranged husband, Nick Cannon, over parenting issues. Read on for more details.

OK! Magazine reported that Carey, who has recently started going out with a billionaire, James Packer, wants to take her children to the land down under to visit Packer’s hometown. But, Cannon isn’t too happy with the arrangement. When he found out that Carey was planning to take his children to Australia, he voiced his concerns about her being a responsible parent to his children and declared that he was completely against it.

The outlet reported that Cannon was still hung over the fact that his children will no longer be around him and might even find a new dad in Packer. He claimed that Carey was a heavy drinker and he didn’t want her drinking while she was around their children.

Things, as they stand now, look tough for Carey. She may have to go the legal way if Cannon refuses to let her take her kids to meet her new boyfriend. It is rumored that Carey is preparing to hand Cannon divorce papers, so her ex-husband will have to ready himself to battle in the court.

And if the matter goes to court, Cannon won’t mind getting down and dirty.

“He’s always been worried about Mariah drinking around the children, and I’m sure he will use that to his advantage. There is no chance those kids will be leaving the country,” an insider told OK! Magazine.

It is strange that Cannon should fight over Carey taking their kids on vacations. On the other hand, the new couple have already had lively vacations with the children. They were spotted frolicking together in Ibiza. But the host/rapper is probably worried because Parker may win his children’s favor and be a good dad to them thereby making them forget their real dad.

Photo Source: Facebook/ Mariah Carey

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