Nick Carter And Lauren Kitt Reveals They Are Expecting In A Dramatic Fashion On ‘DWTS 2015’

By Sumeet Kaur | 2 years ago
Nick Carter And Lauren Kitt Reveals They Are Expecting In A Dramatic Fashion On ‘DWTS 2015’
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On Monday, Nick Carter, member of the “Backstreet Boys”, shared a very happy news with fans on “Dancing With The Stars 2015”. He made an official announcement that he and wife Lauren Kitt Carter would soon be welcoming a new member in the family. Yes, you guessed it right Nick Carter and Lauren Kitt are expecting.

The 35-year-old Carter said on Monday that his wife had suffered a miscarriage last time. He gleefully said that they are expecting a baby again and Kitt is 16 weeks pregnant. Carter said, “We’ve been trying to have a baby for about a year now. It’s been rocky, to be quite honest with you. There have been times when we thought it wouldn’t happen.”

The 32-yearold Kitt admitted that her husband has wished dearly to have a baby and his struggles to have one have been in some way, very tough. Carter’s wife said that when she had a miscarriage, Cater was very upset.“Just watching him get so excited about something, and see him get so hurt, it was hard.”

The singer of two solo albums, “Now Or Never” and “I’m Taking Off” also gave an emotional dance performance and after that, joined Kitt backstage. The same moment, the duo came to know about the gender of their baby and it was all live on television. Fans saw the couple opening a very big gift box and then a bevy of balloons, colored blue started ascending towards the ceiling.


As soon as this happened, Nick Carter on “DWTS” uttered, “It still seems unbelievable”. According to People Magazine, after the show, he was heard saying that he and his wife are pregnant and they are announcing it personally. Carter said that he and Kitt have dreamed of having a family together and they are eagerly waiting for their child to arrive in the world.

Carter married Kitt last year in April. The couple’s whole love saga was also captured in “I Heart Nick Carter”, which was VH1’s hit reality show, in 2014.

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