Nick Carter Wants to be Niall Horan’s Big Brother

By Kathleen Villaruben | 2 years ago
Nick Carter Wants to be Niall Horan’s Big Brother

Nick Carter seems to empower boy bands. The Backstreet Boys’ blonde heartthrob gave a shout out to One Direction’s Niall Horan for a main role in a zombie film. Read on for details.

Cambio reported that Carter aimed to have Horan as his sibling in the zombie movie. Carter recently tweeted Horan to ask for his participation. He even emphasized how “different” their “generations” are.

However, Entertainment Weekly gave pointers why Horan would most likely back out from Carter’s offer. It stated that 1D is currently busy with their tour and recording sessions.

Although there is no confirmation about Horan’s appearance in Carter’s flick, “Dead 7” is certainly happening. Two of ‘90s’ power boy bands, Backstreet Boys and Justin Timberlake’s former group NSYNC, collaborate for Syfy’s new film.

Carter plays a huge part on “Dead 7” because he is also the writer and director. AJ McLean from Backstreet Boys and Joey Fatone from NSYNC already confirmed their participation in the movie. Carter’s wife, Lauren Kitt, also stars in the film.

The enthusiastic writer-director of “Dead 7” also attempted to have the pop icons Paul McCartney and Spice Girls’ Mel B in his film. Like Carter’s case with Horan, there is no official announcement yet regarding Mel B and McCartney’s participation in the film.

“Dead 7” stars recently promoted the surprisingly Western-themed film at San Diego Comic-Con. The movie is produced by The Asylum, which also created “Sharknado.”

“Dead 7” focuses on the story of gunslingers, who aim to fight the zombie apocalypse in the West. Jack (Carter) is the main hero who gathers the outlaws to beat zombies.

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