Nick Frost Finds a Sober Companion in Justin Long on FOX’s Newest Comedy Series

By Alex | 4 years ago
Nick Frost Finds a Sober Companion in Justin Long on FOX’s Newest Comedy Series

One of the well-known British comedians today will head to the FOX network. Nick Frost finds a “Sober Companion” in Justin Long on FOX’s newest comedy series.

In an article on Variety, FOX has announced that they tapped writer-actor Nick Frost to join Justin Long to  star in a new comedy series.

Deadline considered the move as “one of the biggest casting coups for Fox this season.”

Frost is known for working with director Edgar Wright and  fellow comedian Simon Pegg in “Shaun of the Dead,” “The Hot Fuzz,” “Paul,” and “The World’s End.” These movie have launched their acting careers and introduced them to other opportunities across Europe and the United States.

This time, Frost will take his first ever role in American TV. He will portray the role of Robert, an intelligent attorney who is struggling with alcohol addiction. His world  began to turn upside-down when he was so drunk that he was knocked out cold in an event at the court.  The humiliating event led to the assignment of a sober companion for him. For the next 90 days, he had too stay sober in order to save his career and himself.

And if your sober coach is Justin Long, it”s not going to be easy.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Long continues to cement his relationship with FOX network with his new role as Jeremy,  “the perennially upbeat, maddeningly eccentric sober companion who uses unconventional methods to keep clients clean.”

He was previously cast as a recurring character in the hit comedy show “New Girl.” He played as the  professor-boyfriend of Zooey Deschanel’s character, Jessie Day in four episodes. Since his breakthrough role in 2000’s Jeepers Creepers,  Long has established his own name in Hollywood by playing various roles in film such as “Alvin and the Chipmunks,” “Live Free or Die Hard,” and most recently, “Movie 43.”

Deadline also announced in a separate post that the “Sober Companion” will also include several other cast members.

19-year old comedic protege Pete Davidson,who had his first TV stint in “Brooklyn Nine-Nine, will take on the role of Derek.

It was also reported that “The Geography Club” star Ally Maki will portray another series regular role as Kamiko, “Robert’s ex-wife, a Japanese party girl who likes to drink.”

“Sober Companion” is  written and co-produced by David S. Rosenthal and Jennie Snyder Urman.

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