Nick Gordon Killed Bobbi Kristina With A Toxic Mixture Of Drugs!

By Pala Sen | 2 years ago
Nick Gordon Killed Bobbi Kristina With A Toxic Mixture Of Drugs!
Bobbi Kristina

So is Nick Gordon really behind Bobbi’s untimely and tragic death? Documents that were filed in Fulton County, Georgia reportedly mention that Nick Gordon had a violent argument with Bobbi before he injected her with drugs. It was he who then put Bobbi Kristina Brown in the bathtub in her Atlanta House.

The attorneys that represent Bobbi Kristina Brown’s estate have claimed that it was Nick Gordon who had injected Bobbi with a toxic drug mixture before she died.

There have been rumors that Nick might be arrested soon on murder charges and these documents have claimed that Nick had a fierce altercation with his late girlfriend after which, she was placed in the bathtub by him, unconscious.

According to a report by WSB-TV, the documents filed in court also mention that Bobbi passed away after a violent argument with her boyfriend that left her both bruised and battered and a tooth knocked out.

It was also noted in the documents that Nick was paid an amount of $40,000 for posing in front of Bobbi’s grave for pictures for a magazine. Nick Gordon has been also accused by Bobbi’s estate that he tried to cover up the violent altercation’s aftereffect by changing cloths in the bathroom after their fight.

On the other hand, lawyers of Nick Gordon have brushed aside such accusations stating that there are no evidences available with Bobbi’s estate for their claims, according to a report published in TMZ.

The lawyers point out that the autopsy reports of Bobbi have been sealed and both sides have not seen them. The claims were made after the estate charged Nick with a wrongful lawsuit worth $40 million.

Earlier this week, there were some reports that suggested that a district attorney judge would bring together a secret grand jury in Georgia ,so that Nick Gordon could be charged with the death of the daughter of the late Whitney Houston.

Bobbi passed away on July 26 after she was spotted unconscious at her home in Atlanta on January 31 this year. Though, she was put in a medically-induced coma, she died six month later.

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