Nicki Minaj Flattered Drake And Meek Mill Are Fighting Over Her: The ‘Anaconda’ Rapper Feels Like A ‘Princess’

By Bindhu Mol. G | 2 years ago

Nicki Minaj is flattered and secretly loving the fact that Drake and Meek Mill are fighting over her, even though the two men’s feud is a risk factor for her relationship with Mill.

Hollywood Life has exclusively learned that Minaj is proud and feels like a princess as Mill and Drake are fighting over her.

Fans are shocked and engaged in knowing more details about the feud between the two rappers as well as the jabs that the two are throwing at each other.

Nicki Minaj actually loves the bad blood between her fiancé Mill and her ex-boyfriend Drake for several reasons, reported the source. First, it is good when considering from business point of view. Secondly, it makes her feel like a princess, as it is always proud for a woman when two handsome men fight between them to date with her.

Mill might damage his fiancée Minaj’s status every time he shoots up his harsh words against Drake. The source further reported that the “Know Yourself” rapper is confident that Minaj would go closer towards leaving Mill whenever her status is being ruined. Drake reportedly hopes that the feud between him and Meek Mill would make Minaj to think about quitting her relationship with her fiancé Mill.

May be Drake makes use of this idea and keeps criticizing Mill until Nicki Minaj quits him. If it happens successfully, it would be Drake’s time to start dating Minaj.

However, it seems that Mill expects Nicki Minaj to be by his side and to open up against Drake. However, she has not yet done both the things that Meek expects. This is because, she might be enjoying that the two men are fighting for her.

What is actually going to happen between the three rappers? Meek Mill or Drake? Who is going to have Nicki Minaj finally? Let us know your thoughts!

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Photo Source: Facebook/ Nicki Minaj and Meek Mill

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