Nicki Minaj TV Series Nicki Canceled; Funding for the Show May Not Continue

By Nathalie | 11 months ago
Nicki Minaj TV Series Nicki Canceled; Funding for the Show May Not Continue

Nicki Minaj has a lot of things going for her. She has a very successful career, tons of wealth and fame and an ever growing personal brand. The latest addition to her impressive resume is a series that will feature her childhood. However, recent reports say that it will no longer be happening.

What Is The Future Of Nicki?

Freeform network announced last year that it will be ordering a season for Nicki. The show will be based on Nicki Minaj’s life as a young girl growing up in Queens, New York. The cast includes Selita Ebanks, Ariana Neal, McCarrie McCausland and Wesley Jonathan.

Freeform originally ordered it straight to series but now has reportedly cancelled the order. According to TV Series Finale, the network has pulled back and is just redeveloping the pilot episode. No reason was issued as to why the season order was canceled.

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Some people speculate that the network is relocating its resources across the board. It was earlier reported that Freeform also pulled back another show. The supposedly upcoming Marvel series, Cloak & Dagger, has also been included in the setback. Fans may have to wait for two more years before Cloak & Dagger materializes.

People cannot think of another reason as to why Nicki was pulled back. For a talented and colorful person like Nicki Minaj, it is impossible not to have good TV content for a season show. And since she will not be personally appearing on the show, hectic schedule is not an issue.

Pulling back announced or renewed series is nothing new. Different networks have done it before due to different reasons. But for the most part, it is to make way for a more lucrative show.

Would you like Freeform to return the season order?

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