Nicolas Cage As Superman? Unseen Footage Of Cage Suiting Up For ‘Superman Lives’

By Mardielyn | 2 years ago
Nicolas Cage As Superman? Unseen Footage Of Cage Suiting Up For ‘Superman Lives’
Nicolas Cage

 What if the Superman has a shoulder-length hairstyle? What would it be like? Well, Nicolas Cage has an answer to that as his unseen test-footage of him suiting up for “Superman Lives” trends online.

Though there had been many pictures of Cage’s famous face being used to replaced numerous characters from “Game Of Thrones” heroes to Disney Princesses, this unseen footage of him as Superman is not a photoshop magic.

The never-before-seen test footage of Cage in a Superman suit is from an infamous abandoned Tim Burton film.

According to The Independent, during the 1990’s Tim Burton who previously directed DC superhero “Batman” was set to direct another iconic superhero movie “Superman Lives” and the casted lead role of the Man of Steel, Clark Kent was none other than the “National Treasure” Nicolas Cage.

Though the film never reached production due to troubled production history featuring number of rewrites and was eventually shelved by Warner Bros., some keen fans were able to see Cage in the suit in a documentary about the said film entitled “The Death of “Superman Lives,” What Happened?” which shows him trying out a skintight, electric blue costume.

According to The Guardians, the 1997 video shows the actor, who appears lean and athletic asks if the suit will “feel looser the more I wear it” testing the limits of the outfit by swinging his arms back and forth and reaching towards the ceiling.

“Superman Lives” director’s assistant Derek Frey said that there’s been still shots out there from the test… “Initially I was really struck by how he looked in the suit. His physique, it was different to what we had seen before,” he added.

The footage that was leaked on the internet was part of Jon Schnepp documentary which was set to release July 9.

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Photo Source: Wikimedia Commons 

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