Nicole Arbour Refuses To Apologize To ‘Fat People’

By Shreya Singh | 2 years ago
Nicole Arbour Refuses To Apologize To ‘Fat People’
Nicole Arbour

After being accused for her video on fat people on youtube Nicole Arbour has come up clear on her views. She says that people who are sitting in a hope that I will apologize for my video then their wait will end in vain as I am not apologizing.

After posting a video last week on Youtube titled “Dear Fat People,” Nicole Arbour  not only had to face the backlash of people, but also lost her job. The video said that ‘fat’ people should be given tough love.

In one of the interviews, Arbour said that she has always practiced the free speech in satire and she is not ashamed of doing the same this time.

So far, the video, ” Dear Fat People” has got more than three million views on Youtube. Within few days of upload the video was removed from Youtube claiming to violate the censorship rules.

In the six minute video, 30-year-old Arbour explains that ‘fat shaming’ is all made up, and goes on to state that extremely obese people should be shamed so that they stop their habit of over eating. She further narrates the story of how she forced a fat person sitting next to her to sit behind.

Two days after the video , she posted another video in which  she was standing firm on her comment and said that the backlash is nothing but just an action of overly sensitive  keyboard warriors. Explaining further she said that such people are no less than terrorist and they seriously have no senses to understand my comedy that’s why they are trying to  kill it, reported  the Stuff.

Arbour is a Canadian  comedian and actress who has gained fame, although a negative one after this so called creative comedy of hers! Besides all other things people would still wait for Nicole Arbour to make a video apologizing.

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