Nicole Kidman Pregnant! Rumors Say It’s A Boy!

By Meghna Subhedhar | 2 years ago
Nicole Kidman Pregnant! Rumors Say It’s A Boy!
Nicole Kidman

Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman are expecting and there is a rumor about that it is a boy. Read on for more details.

Ever since Kidman wrote a small note to Jimmy Fallon, the rumor circuit has been abuzz with the news that Kidman’s marriage with Urban may be falling apart. But the news of Kidman being pregnant with Urban’s child just goes to show that the Fallon antic was just an innocent joke that Kidman played on the press and fans.

The Hollywood A-list actress had gone on record to tell the press that she had had a most engaging love story with Urban. She was delighted to tell the reporters from Daily Mail that her marriage with Urban reads just like a Hollywood script. They have two beautiful daughters and she couldn’t be happier. She has two daughters with Urban including 7-year-old Sunday and the 4-year-old Faith. She had been pining away for a third child and now her wish is granted.

Ever since the infamous Vogue interview, where she reportedly wrote a secret note to Fallon, Kidman has been blamed for having a secret affair with the talk show host. People were expecting the lady to break it off with Urban. But with this new news about pregnancy, it is obvious that the lady was loyal to her husband and the couple is still going strong on the marital front.

There were even reports of Urban neglecting her and the kids because he was always touring or shooting new episodes of American Idol. While it is probably true that the couple doesn’t get to spend too much time together, it is obvious that their love is still going strong.

The report also claims that Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman are expecting is a boy.

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Photo Source: Facebook / Nicole Kidman


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