Nicole Kidman Returning to London’s West End with DNA Drama

By Mradula Mahajan | 3 years ago
Nicole Kidman Returning to London’s West End with DNA Drama

The Cold Mountain star, who electrified the London Theater by her brilliant performance in 98’s famous stage show, “The Blue Room”, Nicole Kidman is all set to return to the London Stage for yet another play.

In the new play, “Photograph 51”, Nichole Kidman will essay the role of a British Scientist, Rosalind Franklin, who was the key in discovering the double-helix shape of the DNA. The play is under Michael Grandage’s production, which is being presented on the stage by Anna Ziegler. Anna is most famous for her plays like, “Dov and Ali”, “Another Way Home” and “Evening All Afternoon” for which she has been awarded several times.

Rosalind Franklin was the chemist overseeing the original discovery of double-helix shape of DNA but her name got lost in the pages of time and to the least, Crick and Watson won the Nobel Prize and her entire contribution in the discovery was ignored because of the sexism. Rosalind got proper recognition for her work after many years from the discovery date.

Nicole, who is playing the protagonist in the play is a lot nervous as people from the West Land still remembers her role in “The Blue Room”. In the year 2001, Kidman expressed her desires to go back to the London Stage shows. In an interview to the Daily Mail, Nicole said that her marketing agents are discussing about two plays to be held in London and now after 17-years, she is all set to perform in front of live audience.

Nicole’s naked performance in The Blue Room which was directed by David Hare caused a sensation in the stage world. Famous media journalist, Charles Spencer from the Telegraph’s called Nicole’s performance a ‘pure theatrical Viagra’, so it is quite obvious to get nervous after coming back to stage after so many years.

Photograph 51 will be played in Noel Coward’s Theater from 14 September and will run until 21 November. The production knows that the face and acting of Nicole will catch media attention and the fans will be in the queue just to see Kidman perform on stage. The charging by the production is kept at £10 for the quarter of the tickets.

Grandage did a critically acclaimed show in 2013, The Cripple of Inishmaan which stared Jude Law and Daniel Radcliffe. “Photograph 51” will also mark the return of Grandage’s production to the London.

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Photosource: Facebook/ Nicole Kidman

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