The Night Shift Recap: Season 1 Episode 1

By April Lara | 4 years ago
The Night Shift Recap: Season 1 Episode 1
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“The Night Shift” Season 1 Episode 1 has finally aired and it has proven that it is not your typical medical drama. It is filled with an unusual cast of characters and it focuses on the late night hours in the emergency room. The first episode provided us with a look on what goes on during the night shift at San Antonio Memorial.

The pilot episode opened with TC showing that he is a great field doctor even if he has a hangover. He has an attitude problem, which is why he is no longer in the army and this attitude can potentially get him fired from the hospital. He loves to gamble, drink and he loves to fight but when it comes to his medical skills, they are exquisite.

Ragosa, the hospital manager is not friendly with TC because TC doesn’t respect him and Ragosa thinks it is TC’s problem. For the rest of the night, both of them endure each other to treat patients.

Topher and TC rescued a boy who was in an accident, since the boy was critically wounded, it reminded TC of something that he encountered on the battle field. Once the boy is stable, Jordan took TC outside for a talk and told him about the soldier that he lost. TC showed weakness here when he blamed himself for it. Later on, he showed a different side of him when he talked to Drew regarding his sexuality. TC told him that he should show the real him.

Jordan and TC have a past and Jordan aims to become a night shift chief and she has finally convinced Ragosa to give her a shot. She struggled throughout the night shift. Topher is TC’s best friend and also a fellow war vet who follows his footsteps when it comes to rules. The daughter of the janitor comes to him to ask help for a tumor but Ragosa won’t approve the MRI so Topher took it on his own hands and asked for help from the others to give the girl the treatment that she needs.

Ragosa is the one who handles the budget and the fact that the he knows the doctors don’t like, he doesn’t even make an effort to even be likeable even for just a little bit. TC ended up punching him in the face when he threatened him and Ragosa fired him but Jordan convinced him to keep TC. TC and Jordan tried to save the life of a boy with Ragosa giving them surgical guidance. Here we saw that Ragosa is losing his eye sight and he has started to train as a doctor before he loses his vision.

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