The Night Shift Season 2 Premiere Recap: Recovery

By April Lara | 3 years ago
The Night Shift Season 2 Premiere Recap: Recovery
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The Night Shift” has survived its first season. Now on its season 2 premieres, Episode 1 “ Recovery,” the cast pushes through and deals with various and sometimes outrageous medical cases. Read below for the full recap.

So, we’re back where we left off. TC is still having a difficult time focusing on the job. It was due to the fact that he gets random flashbacks to past trauma. Then, Jordan puts herself in a very tricky position and her relationship with Scott is falling apart.

The episode opened with Jordan no longer the head of staff. Also, she and Scott have broken up. TC is suspended, but he’s still around. And we are all aware of what’s happening in him, Jordan and Scott. Love triangle, anyone? This is actually a key component for the show.

Moving on, the show also dealt with two major medical emergencies because, of course, it’s a medical drama and there’s bound to be surgeries happening – dramatic ones! The first one happened in the hospital because some equipment malfunctioned then the other one was something else.

A man and a woman got into a motorcycle accident and they had a crowbar through both of their necks. It means that they need to be separated right away. They tried to plan something that will safely remove the crowbar from the man and woman without killing them. Before they can come up with a plan, the woman had a seizure. Chavez went for the saw and cut the crowbar connecting them.

TC came in with the boy he rescued and worked on him there. Topher reminded him that he’s still suspended. After that, TC went to Jordan to talk but they got interrupted by Paul. Gwen talked to TC and threatened him about hurting Jordan again.

As the night progresses, they got an emergency call from a courthouse because a man was crushed by an elevator. Gwen, Jordan, and TC rushed to the scene. It was very complicated because the man was looking so bad that lifting the elevator from him can kill him but letting the elevator back on his chest will kill him too. Jordan called Ragosa. He told him about the case and said that she needs to do an aerial bypass there, Ragosa approved and they worked on the man.

The man was saved and they wheeled him in the hospital. However, the head of the hospital heard about this. He was so mad at Ragosa for letting such thing happen. Ragosa, on the other hand, was so fed up with everything about his job because no one likes him so he quit his job and walked away.

Meanwhile, Paul and Drew were working on TC’s partner, Trisha who complains about back pains and said that she wants to get approved for physical assessment for the army. Surprisingly, she started coughing blood and she said that it happened a few times before. Topher and Drew put Trisha for an MRI and they found a stage 2 tumor in her lungs. The problem is that Trisha doesn’t have the money for surgery . Topher tried to talk to a surgeon who can work on Trisha but only said that he can only do half and they need $15,000.

In the end, TC paid for the $15,000 Trisha needs. He didn’t tell her that he did that but only said that the surgery was for free. The husband and wife got separated, but the husband got brain damage. It resulted to him only being able to speak in his native language, which was Korean.

Topher found Ragosa. He was panicking because he wasn’t sure if he did the right thing. He admitted that he’s studying to take the boards so he can be a doctor. He said everything’s going to be okay and offered him a job as a medical assistant for the meantime.

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