The Night Shift Season 2 Recap: Back at The Ranch

By April Lara | 3 years ago
The Night Shift Season 2 Recap: Back at The Ranch
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In “The Night Shift” Season 2, Episode 2 “Back at The Ranch” TC comes back to the hospital. It was after his suspension and had to deal with a catastrophe immediately since several high school students got injured during their high school ranch party. The ER is once again a full house, but it was also filled with emotions running high from the main cast. Read on for the full recap.

TC is back. He was greeted by a patient who was accidentally shot by her rancher husband. Together with Paul, they tried to save the woman’s life but to no luck. She was dead on arrival.

Meanwhile, Ragosa started work as a physician’s assistant, but Topher and Jordan had some issues about it. Topher asked Ragosa to go on a few errands plus he got swamped with plenty of paperwork. He was also worried that Jordan might want her old job back. Jordan reassured him that she has no plans of returning as chief of the ER.

On the love department, Joey and Krista’s relationship is in full bloom. Drew went to work even if though it was his day off. It was because he and his boyfriend Rick has been having problems. He chose to work instead to vent out his frustration. Kenny learned about this and told Drew that he should take care of himself first before he worries about Rick. Fortunately, Krista was able to get Rick a doctor’s appointment through her connections.

A few high school students got injured during the high school ranch party and Gwen, TC and Brian went forth to help. However, Brian got injured on a fence with barbed wire. This was quite gruesome because they had to untangle his intestines from the wire. The good news is that they were able to save Brian, but TC still regrets losing the woman earlier in the episode.

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