Nightwing: Five Actors That Should Be Cast As Dick Grayson In The Solo Movie

By Anshul Hardikar | 2 years ago
Nightwing: Five Actors That Should Be Cast As Dick Grayson In The Solo Movie
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Chris McKay is directing Nightwing. Nightwing is one of the characters who is getting his own solo movie in DCEU. DC has been launching these movies in an attempt to expand its universe. But the real question that stands in front of DC is who will play the superhero in the solo movie.

Kit Harrington

The Game of Thrones star has emerged as one of the top choices for the role of Nightwing. He has proven his acting skills in the TV series with his portrayal of Jon Snow.

Harrington has also proven that he can pull off some serious action scenes. Given his ability to perform really good action scenes, he will be able to perform the same in the solo movie. While the solo movie will not be as violent as the show, there could be some never before seen action sequences, which he would look really good doing.

His physical appearance also matches the original Nightwing’s looks from the comic book, which further solidifies him a good candidate to play the role.

Andrew Garfield

Another British actor who is being considered a good choice for the role. Garfield has experience working in superhero movies, which adds more leverage.

Having played Spider-Man in two movies will also enable him to explore the dramatic side of the character. Performing stunts and action scenes in the solo movie will also not be a problem for him because The Amazing Spider-Man had some really good ones.

With DCEU adapting the New 52 storyline, his looks would match New 52’s Nightwing.

Scott Eastwood

Eastwood has already been a part of DCEU. He was in Suicide Squad as GQ Edwards. However, many fan theories stated that this could be a code word for another hero.

Some fans guessed Green Arrow while others guessed Agent 37, which is another name for Nightwing in the New 52 storyline. His character died in the movie but if DC were to give him this role, he would look really good in it.

He has the looks, age, and talent to portray Batman’s former sidekick. This also could be his breakout role.

Zac Efron

Efron has been on the list ever since Nightwing was announced. He has a massive fan following because of his early roles and his fans believe he would look really good as a superhero.

He is of the right age, which means he will be able to play the character in DCEU for a long time. He also is appropriately beefed up.

If he is chosen for the role, he will be one of the major movie stars to join the DC universe.

Finn Wittrock

Screen Rant reported that Wittrock is by far the best choice for the role of Nightwing. According to the outlet, he fits all requirements for the role and practically looks like the live-action version of the hero himself.

The outlet also stated that since he is not that famous yet, the studio can sign him for multiple movies without breaking the bank. If he comes aboard to play the role, fans would see him next to Ben Affleck’s Batman and perhaps in other movies as well.

Plot and release date

No official plot for Nightwing has been released yet but reports have speculated that the solo movie will focus on Batman’s former sidekick’s story and adventures in the city of Blüdhaven.

After leaving Batman, Grayson went on to establish his own identity in the neighboring city of Gotham and has since become an important hero in the DC universe. Nightwing does not have a release date yet.


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