Nightwing: Reasons Why Scott Eastwood’s Character Could Actually Be Dick Grayson

By Anshul Hardikar | 2 years ago
Nightwing: Reasons Why Scott Eastwood’s Character Could Actually Be Dick Grayson
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Nightwing has been announced and Chris McKay is working behind the scenes developing the movie. With Batman’s former sidekick getting his own movie, it also confirms his presence in the DCEU.

With the new Justice League trailer subtly hinting at Nightwing’s existence, what if the actor who will be playing the character has already appeared in one of the DC movies?

If the makers are planning to reveal a major twist, then chances are Scott Eastwood, who played Lt. GQ Edwards in Suicide Squad, could actually be revealed as Dick Grayson, also knows as Nightwing, in the solo movie. Keeping in mind this theory, here are reasons why he could be playing the character.


Until now, DC movies have not fared that well with the critics and some audiences. However, if a twist like this were to be incorporated, it would simply blow many fans’ minds.

It would also prove just how successfully and cleverly DC embedded an important character only to give him a much bigger part later on in the cinematic universe as whole. Additionally, this little GQ Edwards portion by Eastwood can be used when Nightwing’s origin comes up in the movie.

Fake death

While many would want to argue that Lt. GQ Edwards died and that the character has no connection to Grayson in DCEU, what if his death was orchestrated that way?

What if Eastwood’s character Edwards faked his death so that later on he can regroup with his mentor Batman and go back to his actual life of being Bludhaven’s superhero?

As far as hiding or altering his identity is concerned, considering he trained under Batman, all of that would come across as really minuscule for someone like Dick. Remaining details like background can also be altered since Dick’s abilities as a detective is almost as good as his mentor and friend.


Maybe Nightwing was put under Amanda Waller’s wing so that he could spy for Batman. While Batman has never really approved of Waller’s methods, sending one of his own with a different identity could be the Dark Knight’s way of keeping check on her.

Also following the death of Superman, if Batman would have wanted to collect more information on existing metahumans, before approaching Waller, he must have received a heads up about the metahumans from Dick posing as Edwards.

Also, when it comes to choosing an alias for Dick, GQ Edwards could be a code word for something, which could be revealed later on.

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice post-credits scene

In the post-credits scene of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, when Batman came to meet Lex Luthor in prison, he spoke about getting him transferred to Arkham Asylum.

He also spoke about having some friends there. While he did not really say who these friends were, it could have been Dick or any other loyal associate of Batman.


Going by Eastwood’s looks, he certainly looks like someone who can pull off a role like Nightwing. He has the physique and is about the right age to play an older Dick Grayson in the movie. Also, since DCEU has an older Batman, fans can expect Nightwing to be at least in his late twenties.

Agent 37

While this theory has been spoken about, this could certainly be secretly in the making. In the comics, when Nightwing’s identity was no longer hidden, he changed it and started to be known as Agent 37. He also joined a spy agency called Spyral on Batman’s advice and only returned when there was no danger.

However, for the sake of keeping the movie a little different from the comics, DCEU must have given Eastwood’s character the identity of Edwards instead of Agent 37 and put him in Task Force X instead of Spyral.

Den of Geek reported that Nightwing is the latest movie to join the list of films scheduled to release in DCEU. Ever since the movie was announced, fan casts have popped up and spoken about which actor should play the role.

It remains to be seen who gets cast as Nightwing in DCEU.

Nightwing does not have a release date yet.


Photo source: YouTube/Warner Bros. Pictures


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