Niki Caro To Direct Disney’s $100 Million Budget Live-Action Film Mulan

By Nirdeshini Bagde | 2 years ago
Niki Caro To Direct Disney’s $100 Million Budget Live-Action Film Mulan

Niki Caro will direct the live-action adaptation of the popular Disney movie Mulan. This is indeed a great feat which will add her name to a small elite group. She will now join three female directors who are working on movies with the budgets over $100 million. It seems that she is the right choice for this popular Disney franchise.

Niki Caro, The Second Women Director at the Disney Studio

Niki Caro is climbing the success ladder pretty quickly. Big budget films are quite a norm at Disney studios. So far, only a few female directors had the chance to do it.

Caro is only the second one who will helm a film with $100 million as the production budget. Many think that she is the right candidate for the position. With several great movies under her belt, she came as a natural choice for this role as reported by Holywood Reporter.

Ava DuVernay is the other director who has achieved the same feat. DuVernay is currently working on another huge movie from Disney Studio. A Wrinkle in Time is an American space adventure movie and is going for release in 2018.

Caro beat the other candidates who are also well-known personalities in the industry. Disney’s list of rumored director includes Michelle MacLaren and Patty Jenkins. MacLaren worked on various projects such as Breaking Bad and Game of Thrones while Jenkins was part of Wonder Woman.

Niki Caro Aims For A ‘Culturally Authentic’ Mulan 

Niki Caro to Direct Mulan for Disney

Disney wanted to ensure the cultural authenticity of Mulan. With Caro’s help, the studio will bring that element to the movie courtesy of her past experiences. In Zookeeper’s Wife, Caro maintained a gender-inclusive set.

Aside from that, Caro is known for her tireless efforts in bringing some originality to the table. Disney previously worked with Caro in MacFarland USA. She spent over a year at a Mexican-American community in Central California. The New Zealand-born Caro believes in understanding the culture through a first-hand experience.

On the same line, Hong Kong-based Bill Kong will join the team as an executive producer. The studio and the director will be working closely with Chinese cultural consultants and a China-based team to get the facts and elements correctly. Reports indicate the Disney is scouting in mainland China for the lead roles. These include the role of Mulan, the woman warrior.

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