Nikki Reed Reiterates Her Love For Ian Somerhalder; Shares Touching Note On His Birthday

By Pala Sen | 2 years ago
Nikki Reed Reiterates Her Love For Ian Somerhalder; Shares Touching Note On His Birthday

Nikki Reed shared a sweet and touching note on social media addressed to Ian Somerhalder, her husband. She wished a happy birthday to her hubby and just could not hide her love for him from the world.

As they rightly said that it is ‘better late than never’. Nikki Reed, the actress who starred in “The Sleepy Hollow” went much ahead of just wishing her hubby Ian Somerhalder on the latter’s birthday on Friday, December 11. Reed expressed her love on Instagram for her star husband of “The Vampire Diaries” fame who had his birthday on December 8 and turned 37.

It was a truly sweet note as Reed wrote that her husband is like a dream come true for her. She went on to say that if they hold hands always in the same fashion, she knows that they would find their way to home always.

Reed went all mushy as she added that Somerhalder was a gift to this world, a student of love and a teacher of light. This alum of “The Twilight” showed her love through the social media by parsing her husband. She wrote that Somerhalder radiates warmth in various vibrant colors.


Nikki Reed also wondered how wonderful it would be to view the arrival of autumn through her beloved husband’s eyes. She wished that both of them spend their coming 65 years together in love and holding hands. Reed also wished that both of them would take strolls in the woods together in complete bliss. Finally, she once again proclaimed her love for Somerhalder.

The couple who seem to be smitten with each other got married in the month of April this year. The lovebirds are well-known for the mutual love they share towards animals and nature.

The star of “Lost” has also launched a society called “The Ian Somerhalder Foundation” whose goal is to create awareness among people to protect the environment and animals. This was when he turned 32 in the year 2010.

In July, this year, Somerhalder told Us Weekly that both he and his wife share the same passion of nurturing their non-profit entities in a big way.

Nikki Reed and Ian Somerhalder began their relationship by being good friends. The duo then started dating in the year 2014. And they got engaged just after dating each other for 6 months.  While the actor has got married for the first time, this is Reed’s second marriage. The actress was earlier married to Paul McDonald, a contestant of “Indian Idol” Season 10.



Picture Source: Wikimedia Commons/Ian Somerhalder And Nikki Reed

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