Nikki Reed Reveals Her Secrets in A Questionnaire Session

By Meghna Subhedhar | 2 years ago
Nikki Reed Reveals Her Secrets in A Questionnaire Session

When Nikki Reed is not frolicking around with her husband Ian Somerhalder, she is just doing nature walks and having fun with her family. This is what she answered to one question out of the 32 that she faced in a recent questionnaire session.

She answered to the questions from SheKnows, of which some were personal and intimate while others were cute and disarming. In the questionnaire, Nikki Reed, answered questions about what she likes to read and what she watches when the TV is turned on.

Reed said that she uses her voice and beauty to spread acceptance for animal rights and underprivileged humanity. She is always unapologetically herself going as far as she can to make her mind known to people. She always tries to get the world educated and focuses her talents towards educating and inspiring others. It is obvious that she deserves to be everybody’s crush. She is one of the most inspiring person to have around.

Reed mentioned her as a fitness freak. There is no form of exercise that she doesn’t like. “I’ll do anything that involves exercise. Bring it on,” she declared in the article. Her favorite form of exercise is mountain biking. Apparently she begins her day with mountain biking and then goes on to make a glass of almond milk to drink while she relaxes with her family. Her dad is smart enough to make a rain catch system, so they can help the humanity in years of drought, should that ever happen.

Her favourite TV show is “Homeland.” And she is yet to conquer her fears about scuba diving. “I’m always feeling like I’m a guest in the water,” she answered in the questionnaire.

She said that puberty was the worst time in her life and she prefers tea to coffee. She also revealed her believe in ghosts and reincarnations, adding that her favorite animals are Sloths and Elephants.

Reed was really open and forthright when she was answering the questionnaire and comes across as a genuinely interesting person.

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