Nina Dobrev Declines ‘The Vampire Diaries’ Return Offer: Is She Working In ‘True Detective’ And ‘Empire?’

By Bindhu Mol. G | 2 years ago
Nina Dobrev Declines ‘The Vampire Diaries’ Return Offer: Is She Working In ‘True Detective’ And ‘Empire?’
Nina Dobrev

It seems that Nina Dobrev rejects the return offer for “The Vampire Diaries.” Is she looking out to settle for major roles in “True Detective” and “Empire?” Read on to know more details.

As per reports, Dobrev claimed that she left the role of Elena Gilbert in “The Vampire Diaries” to concentrate in her movie career. She further revealed that her decision to quit The CW show was not in any way related to her ex-boyfriend Ian Somerhalder.

Even after several months of leaving The CW show, Dobrev not yet has a chance in any movie. However, The CW allegedly offered her the chance to return back to her role in “The Vampire Diaries.” Conversely, the actress refused.

Even though Dobrev claims that she has left the show not because she does not want to act with Somerhalder, it seems that there is some serious ill feeling between her and Nikki Reed, Somerhalder’s new wife. However, now that Dobrev is not getting any movie chance as she thought, what is she going to do?

Indeed, the actress is ready to accept her defeat. Now, she is ready to return to the small screen. However, she prefers to do for “bigger and better” opportunities. Yes, Nina Dobrev is eager to make a role in Season 3 of HBO’s “True Detective.” In fact, there are also rumors claiming that “The Vampire Diaries” alum is in discussion to join the season 2 of FOX’s new drama “Empire.” We have already reported regarding this.

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Dobrev has realized that she is not “going to be the next Angelina Jolie.” She has also decided to do roles in shows bigger than “The Vampire Diaries.” It seems that she wants to work in shows bigger than what Reed is doing.

As of now, Nina Dobrev is not been confirmed to be the cast of either “True Detective” or “Empire.” Do you think she will in these shows? Or, will she return to “The Vampire Diaries?” Let us know your thoughts!

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